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The final round of these fellowships have been awarded.  However, the Washington Research Foundation has a new postdoctoral fellowship program; learn more at http://www.wrfseattle.org/details-eligibility.php.

With funding from the Washington Research Foundation, the University of Washington previously sought innovative researchers for postdoctoral positions in the fields of protein design, data science, clean energy, and neuroengineering.

The links below have historical information about the past postdoctoral fellowship programs.

Clean Energy Institute Transform clean energy delivery by focusing on advanced solar materials, energy storage, and smart grid integration.
eScience Institute Join a new generation of researchers in advancing data-intensive discovery in the physical, life, and social sciences.
Learn protein design methods and apply them to problems in medicine, materials, computer science, and energy.
UW Institute for Neuroengineering Perform cutting-edge research at the interface between neuroscience, engineering, computing, and mathematics.